Verizon Has Great Online Deals For Every Type Of Internet User

April 15th, 2014

Besides being the first internet company to offer fiber optic right to the home, there’ s much to get excited about with Verizon internet service. The have partnered with other organizations to offer programs that include parental controls, pop-up blockers, and anti-spam solutions to name a few. Affordable packages are available with different speeds to match a wide range of requirements while fitting nicely into any budget. Some packages offer substantial savings along with significant speed and various features.

Internet is now a mandatory part of many lives. And the best place to go for deals on every kind of  high speed internet service is online. Whether you wish to switch your home or business to broadband technology, Verizon offers value, speed and high efficiency to make maximum use of your online time.

Expert Advice On Choosing The Right Internet Service Company For Your Needs

April 9th, 2014

Have you ever seen a commercial for a high speed internet service that was so good it prompted you to call the number on the screen? And after calling, did you discover that the company didn’t service your neighborhood? There’s little more frustrating than thinking you can get a good deal on internet service, only to discover it isn’t within reach.

The good news is that there is a great way to find out just who the high speed internet providers in my area are. A comparison web site displays several different internet providers, including DSL, cable, satellite, and fiber optics companies. Within a few minutes, you can have a list of viable companies. Then, all you have to do is view the side by side comparison chart where you can look at all of the various packages, speeds and incentives available in one easy place.

Great Deals From Qwest Are Online Right Now For The Taking

April 4th, 2014

If you are looking for speed and reliability with your internet access, then you will like what you’re about to read.  Qwest internet has some great competitively-priced offers, along with a wide range of connection speeds. Download managers are no longer necessary with Qwest high speed internet. You can access large files quickly, and dropped downloads are a thing of the past. If you are currently unable to view online movies at home because your connection can’t handle the streaming capabilities required, Qwest gives you the ability to watch high speed movies videos without stutters and stops. It even allows you to watch TV shows directly from network websites. Most of their packages also include free Wi-Fi, back-up protection, and security services for your whole family.

Qwest is so sure that you will love their high speed internet connection that they offer a 100% money back guarantee. Make sure you investigate what Qwest has to offer when searching for high speed internet providers.

Tired Of Hearing About Bundling? This One Is Different

April 1st, 2014

The last thing you may want to hear about is yet another bundle from an internet company. But there is one company that offers something that’s truly unique: Att Uverse. It’s more than just a deal bundled into a single bill; Uverse goes far beyond that to offer integrated services that make your life easier. For instance, should the phone ringswhile you’re watching TV, the caller ID displays on your television screen. You can then do something amazing: finish your program, and then call the person back using only your remote!

There are several bundles available, including a ‘build your own’ bundle that can include digital TV, internet and home phone services. Available internet speeds range anywhere from 1.5 Mbps all the way up to 24 Mbps. Included in many plans are free incentives like receiver, DVR playback anywhere in your home, and a programmable DVR via the internet. It pays to compare internet providers such as ATT Uverse to find the best plan for you.

Locating All Of The Latest Offers From ISPs Only Requires Going Online

March 26th, 2014

Whether you wish to upgrade your internet connection with better technology such fiber optic, cable internet, satellite, or even high speed dial-up, internet providers have many great deals, discounts and incentives this year. And the best news is that it’s easier than ever to comparison shop because all you have to do is decide which technology, price, and speed suits you, and then go online to compare all ISPs from one page. One there, you can determine if the provider offers service in your neighborhood. Urban and suburban customers are likely to have a higher range of choices than rural customers, but satellite technology has enabled internet access even to the remotest of areas. Most of the ISPs have terrific incentives to tempt you to sign up for their service, including competitive monthly prices.

You Could Be Missing Great FiOS Promotions Online

March 21st, 2014

If you want 100% digital fiber optics connected all the way to your home, the great news is that you can get it. Verizon’s FiOS promotions mean you can count on a fiber optics cable all the way to your home for speed and reliability that’s second to none. How does FiOS differ from other cable companies? Most cable companies only have fiber optic cables in their main lines and not throughout their entire infrastructure This is different from “fiber-to-the-home.” Cable companies rely on traditional copper wires or coaxial cables. But fiber optic cables are more tolerant of inclement weather and are easier to maintain. DSL copper phone lines can’t do any of that. Current promotions from FiOS include television and internet, as well as bundled deals that offer cash back and lower monthly bills.

FiOs is the technology of the future; but what’s the next step? The best advice is to check and see if Verizon is one of the internet service providers in my area.

High Speed ISPs Can Help With Unwanted Web Sites, But They Can’t Do It All

March 14th, 2014

With all that it has to offer, the internet is also a place that should be used with caution. Because despite the best efforts of High speed internet providers, explicit sites are everywhere. This can be worrisome to parents, making them reluctant to allow their kids to roam free online. But the good news is that there are several steps you can take to ensure the safety of your children. A good way to begin is to make sure that a user ID has been configured for each person in your home that is going to be using the internet. Doing this allows for individual setup of  filters for each member based on their age and maturity. It can also help to have a firewall and antivirus program active and updated so that any hacking attempts can be thwarted.

Find Your Perfect Internet Company By Searching Online

March 11th, 2014

If it’s time to finally give up that old dial-up connection and look for a different high speed broadband connection, then why not go online? There are so many connection choices available now, and finding internet service providers in my area has gotten easier than ever. The benefits of high speed internet are numerous. Who wouldn’t mind leaving endless download times of dial-up behind? With high speed, you can say goodbye to busy signals and multiple connection attempts. Today’s internet providers feature additional options, like parental safety controls so that ever connection to the web is a much safer one for children. Packages are available that can match your speed requirements so that you do not overpay for services you won’t use.

Sites like help you to compare the different deals available in your neighborhood. You won’t miss your old dial-up one bit once you make the switch.

Should You Limit How Much Your Kids Use The Internet?

March 5th, 2014

These days, the internet is a part of everyday life. It seems to be becoming less of a luxury and more of a necessity. So should you limit how much time your kids spend surfing? It is possible to limit their recreational use of high speed internet. All you have to do is get  some kind of software that limits how much time they spend online. Alternatively, you can relocate the family computer to a high-traffic area of your home, and then set limits on how much time your child can spend surfing. If your kids want to spend more time, they have to ask permission first. This allows you to know exactly what your kids are doing online. Why is this so important? Because you want to know exactly who your kids hang out with. It doesn’t matter if it is at school, at the mall, at the park or online, the people you surround yourself will have an influence on your children.

Should You Still Consider Satellite A Reliable Internet Source?

February 28th, 2014

Satellite internet providers are available to connect customers all across the United States. But back when cable internet service came onto the market, there were many who thought it would be the standard internet connection type for many years to come. But internet service continues to evolve, with new innovations occurring, and expansion continuing to bring high speed to as many people as possible.  But many wonder about satellite internet. It has come down in price significantly over the years, but it is as convenient as other internet types? The facts are that satellite internet is not only a good option for those that live in rural areas without access to cable or DSL internet, but satellite as a whole is improving both its speed and price.

The Weather Isn’t A Factor With Some Internet Companies

February 25th, 2014

When we had cable internet service, every little rain would make the service fall offline. Then it was call the service people out, wait around all day for them to arrive, and hope that they would be able to fix it, which they often were not, in which case we then had to set up a second appointment, wait some more and hope for the best. Living in a state like Florida and dealing with afternoon rains all summer, to say nothing of the rains created by wandering hurricanes, many users can end up being without internet service quite often, depending on the connection they have. ISPs like Verizon internet service may offer more reliability than most, as  the chance for outages may be greatly reduced. With better service added to the lower monthly cost of Verizon, there’s just no comparison.

Parental Controls Are Great, But Make Sure Your Browser Has Been Activated Too

February 20th, 2014

Attention Mac users: did you know Safari has parental controls built right in? This is great news for surfing kids, but take note – you have to set the basic options for the best performance. Although high speed DSL providers do offer software that will block and filter, modifying the browser’s parental controls is the best way to increase security and guarantee that your kids won’t gain access to the wrong websites while they surf.

When you configure Safari settings, monitoring your kid’s browsing habits is easy. With the Safari browser, you can limit the sites your kids are allowed to visit, monitor their browsing habits, screen and limit their number and type of downloads as well as their program use, and be in control of the contacts and e-mail addresses they are allowed to access.

Is A DSL Connection The Best Internet Type Around?

February 14th, 2014

If you’re looking for a new provider, you might be wondering if DSL is right for you. The good news is that anyone can benefit from this connection. But you will still have to compare DSL providers to your current plan to see if you’re getting the best value. Take a look at what you are currently paying. Many times DSL is comparable in speed to other, more expensive internet types. And the benefits of DSL are many. DSL allows several computers to be online at the same time, without taking up a phone like as with dial-up. Plus, you can enjoy a fast connection that’s there when you need it. Once you have DSL, you will wonder how you ever got along without it.

High Speed Internet and the Safety of your Children

February 5th, 2014

Your ISP likely does not have you covered as your kids chat online. You should certainly check the chats your kids are having via your cable service provider by looking at the history. One all conversations have been configured to save, your child’s message history can be read by clicking “File” in the main screen. Then, select “View Message History” from the box and go from there. Now you should be able to view all IM chats. You can also increase the privacy setting by going to “Options” and clicking on “Privacy” in the menu on the window’s left side. Then, in the “Privacy” window, select the “Only People On My Allow List Can See My Status and Send Me Messages” option. Friends can be added to this allow list by clicking on the main page’s “Contacts” tab.


Familiarize Yourself With Your Kids’ Online Habits To Help Keep Them Safe

January 30th, 2014

Where are your kids going when they go online? If you don’t know, then it might be time to find out. There are several potential threats they may be facing while surfing via your ISP. But you can configure your computer to a level that allows everyone to get online safely. Windows Live Messenger is a program that allows your kids to keep in touch with friends online, but this too requires configuring the settings so you are never in the dark about who they are talking to at all times. Taking the time to learn and understand how the safety features of all your online chat and social media programs work can mean safer surfing time for your kids.

iTunes Can Pose A Threat To Childrens’ Ears If Not Monitored

January 24th, 2014

Do your kids enjoy listening to MP3s while surfing the internet, and downloading music from iTunes? If so, you may have overlooked a potential threat. Unless you have set the parental controls on iTunes, your kids may be able to download music with explicit lyrics as well as audio content containing information inappropriate for their ears from their. Just like ratings placed on movies, music also has different levels of appropriateness. So it is important to take this into consideration when developing your own game plan. Making a list of all the different programs that could potentially access the net including play station 3 and other video game consoles may be a good place to start.


Use Your Internet Connection To Monitor What Your Kids Do Online

January 17th, 2014

If you’re worried about where your kids go on the internet, the best thing to do is to monitor their online activities. Although some parental controls are set up by your internet provider, taking the initiative and putting your own safety measures in place is also a good idea. Monitoring programs like MSN Instant Messenger should be high on the priority list. You will also want to consider all the places where chatting occurs, such as on Facebook. Don’t assume your children only use one service, because there are tons out there.

Safety Features Of Important Applications Like Windows Live Messenger

December 16th, 2013

Setting up the safety features on Windows Live Messenger for your children begins with selecting “Tools” from the top of the program’s main screen. Then select “Options” – this will allow you to set the safety features. Select the option that saves all IM conversations. Under the account for a particular user, click “Options” and then “Messages” at the left side. Check “Automatically Keep a History of my Conversations” and click “OK” to save your settings. This will allow you to store records of conversations that you can check from time to time to make sure your children are safe. It is important to be open with them so that they are aware that you have done this and understand why.


Parental Controls Are important And Independent Of Your ISP

December 2nd, 2013

Whether you are sign up with Verzion DSL, Comcast Cable or Dialup internet service, you are likely already using parental controls on your computer which limit what your children do while they are online. Using filtering software and watchdog programs can be a very good idea. You may also want to configure the parental controls on your operating system and browsers as well. This assists with preventing damaging information from ever reaching your children. The parental controls offered by some internet companies are also very effective, but they don’t always cover all the bases. You need to consider other programs and applications that may connect to the internet and ensure these connections are protected as well.


iTunes And The Safety Of Your Children; Should You Be Worried?

November 18th, 2013

Did you know that your ISP may not have what it takes to protect your kids online? This is because there are many devices and programs your kids may use which access the internet in different ways. One of these is iTunes. iTunes accesses the internet in much the same way a browser does. But iTunes is not governed by the parental controls you may have installed on your browser. This means that your kids could potentially access music that is not appropriate for their age. The good news it that you can configure iTunes to safeguard your children; a quick online search will reveal all.

Security Features Offered By Some Internet Providers Can Protect Your Family

November 11th, 2013

Many security features are now available with ISPs. Some offer popular programs like McAfee Security Suite for free when you subscribe to services with them. It not only protects your system from viruses, but it also give you color-coded alerts about websites that are possible threats. It includes a firewall to help prevent hackers from communicating with your PC. But most importantly, it contains parental controls that help protect your children. High speed internet providers that provide these features, such as those included with Comcast specials have a responsibility when it comes to connecting your family to the net safely.


Optimizing Your Computer’s Speed Is Not A Hard Thing To Do

November 4th, 2013

Have you found that your computer is slower than it used to be when you get online? Most of us don’t take the time to understand the details of our computers and as a result we are not able to change the settings that would allow it to run much more smoothly. But the good news is that a better understanding of your system is not impossible to obtain. You simply look up your operating system on your favorite search engine. The results will show you there are many places devoted to troubleshooting and improving the way your OS works. And most of them offer step-by-step instructions for how to optimize the speed of your system. And the best news of all is that it doesn’t have to cost you one dime to learn how to get your computer running the way it used to.


Configure Your ISP Settings To Help Your Kids Avoid Unwanted Web Sites

October 28th, 2013

Taking a look at your ISP’s settings can be a very effective way to keep your kids from sites with controversial content. Almost all internet companies offer some form of child protection software, some free and some for a small charge, so be sure to take this into consideration when choosing a high speed internet provider. It really does not matter if you are thinking of DSL providers or high speed cable companies; most of them will offer some sort of security suite designed to protect kids. And all you have to do is configure the settings on your ISP. It’s actually much simpler to set up parental controls and security software on your computer than you may think.

The Parental Controls On Your PC Can Help You Protect Your Children

October 21st, 2013

While there are many products designed to keep kids safe online, you shouldn’t discount what’s already on your computer. Using existing parental controls can greatly reduce the odds that your kids will run into unwanted content on the internet. But parental controls also restrict what kids can and cannot do with the computer. Understanding the terminology and taking advantage of tools and features that are already loaded on your PC is a good idea.

You may also want to make sure that you have a user id and login for each individual user in your household. This helps configure your PC correctly and tailor the level of security depending on their age. Don’t delay when you can get started by going to the User Accounts and Family Safety Section in the Control Panel.


Dangerous Substances Like Tobacco Available To Kids Online

October 14th, 2013

Did you know that kids can easily buy tobacco over the internet? This is a bigger issue than many parents may be aware of.  The truth is that online tobacco stores are not bound by law to verify anyone’s age or restrict the sale of their products by age. All that’s currently required is a simple disclaimer placed on their web site. Whenever kids go online, it is the ultimate responsibility of the parents to ensure they’re surfing safely. Good education, values, and supervision can make the difference. So get started today and get involved in what your children do online. There are many measures that can also be put in place to help you monitor your kids’ online activity when you cannot.



Configuring Your Browser Will Provide Stronger Parental Controls

October 7th, 2013

Using the online safety software from your ISP is a great thing. But when you use this software with the parental controls that exist with your browser, you have a dual layer of protection. While your ISP’s software is a good start, you need to also set up your browser for maximum protection. Before getting started, it’s important to create a login for each user on your PC via the control panel. This way, each user will have their own settings. It is a very good idea to get familiar with the terminology and settings in the security section of your browser. And then, rest assured knowing that your most vulnerable family members can surf safely.


Parental Controls, and Your ISP

September 30th, 2013

Although most high speed ISPs have parental controls, the real question is: how good are they? In this day and age we can never be too careful and assume our children will never do any mischief. Although it may be hard to remember what we were doing when we were young, it’s apparent that today’s kids know how to use technology practically from birth.

You can actually access parental controls right from your browser. For example, when you are using Google, you can access a link called “preferences”. Once there, simply scroll down to the Safe Search Filtering section and select the first option to obtain the strictest filter. Doing this will help to avoid explicit material being displayed  to your kids when they are online. Save your preferences at the bottom and you and your kids will be on your way to a safer surfing experience.