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Cable Offers One Of The Fastest Internet Speeds You Can Get

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

If you enjoy being able to view streaming video or like to download music and you like the idea of cable internet service, then you’ll really enjoy the download speeds you’ll get with Comcast. Current Comcast specials┬áinclude digital cable from just $39.99 per month with $75 cash back. As well, you can enjoy digital voice for just $29.99 per month. Many of this company’s packages include free bonuses like no-cost modems and wireless routers, plus digital music and more. For added savings, check out their bundled TV, phone and internet services. No matter which service you choose, you will enjoy some kind of free bonus or added savings. Comcast really is a company for all of your home needs.

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Great Deals Are Being Offered By Major ISPs Right Now

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

How does a triple play promotion starting at $99 a month sound? With Comcast, you can enjoy bundles of high speed internet, digital cable TV and digital voice while taking advantage of $250 in incentives. Comcast offers and promotions include broadband speeds up to 16 Mbps and terrific security features. And the digital TV picture and sound is fantastic. With hundreds of channels including HDTV, DVR and On Demand at your fingertips, you’ll wonder why you didn’t sign up sooner. You can also get unlimited nationwide calling. Networking is not a problem with Comcast’s speeds to handle your bandwidth requirements because they’ll even throw in a free wireless router.

Security Features Offered By Some Internet Providers Can Protect Your Family

Monday, November 11th, 2013

Many security features are now available with ISPs. Some offer popular programs like McAfee Security Suite for free when you subscribe to services with them. It not only protects your system from viruses, but it also give you color-coded alerts about websites that are possible threats. It includes a firewall to help prevent hackers from communicating with your PC. But most importantly, it contains parental controls that help protect your children. High speed internet providers that provide these features, such as those included with Comcast specials have a responsibility when it comes to connecting your family to the net safely.


Newest In Comcast Specials Will Reward Contract Signings With Prepaid Visa

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

If you live in the Pacific Northwest region, get ready for the sweetest in Comcast specials to date. The company is beginning its marketing run with another major carrier, and every customer who commits to and signs a two year contract with each company will receive a prepaid Visa card containing up to $300. Multichannel News reports that in order to qualify, customers must purchase each company’s services no more than 14 days apart, in addition to activating their tablet or smartphone. The program is the result of a $2.3 billion dollar deal made where Comcast will sell advanced wireless services to the major carrier. Co-marketing will occur, where wireless will be advertised via Comcast call centers , and Comcast’s Triple play bundles will be advertised in the retail stores of the wireless carrier. The prepaid Visa card offer is slated to end in May of this year.

Comcast Specials Offer High Speed That’s Affordable

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Anyone thinking about changing their internet type or going with another ISP should definitely consider Comcast specials. This company offers a cable internet connection, which allows for a quick and seamless web experience. The cable line is installed in your home, and is dedicated to internet, meaning that you can get everything done that you need to when you go online in seconds instead of minutes. And the affordability of the several packages offered can’t be beat. However, this company can be compared with several others by visiting a handy resource site that lets you compare companies side by side. Researching ISPs in this way allows you to make a more informed decision about your provider. And it can also result in you saving a lot of money each month on your internet service.

Comcast specials offer great controls, but they may not be enough

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

If you thought you where going to rely solely on your high speed internet service providers parental controls, you might be making a big mistake. Cable providers often have great promotions that include features like security software and even parental controls. You will want to check and see if Comcast Cable specials include these features.

The great thing about the parental controls on your pc’s operating system is that you can customize the configuration according to your personal needs – you can’t always do this with the software offered by high speed Internet providers. Set the filters and blocks to a level that is necessary for your kids. The level you set will be based on the age of your little ones. The higher the settings, the safer your kids will be. You always have the capability to go back and revert the settings as your needs change. The Internet and the nature of online threats continue to develop as time goes by. Although you may be contented with your parental control settings for now, it’s important to make changes as your needs build up over time.