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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About VoIP

Monday, May 19th, 2014

VoIP, or voice-over-internet protocol is a technology that allows your internet connection to allow for the making of telephone calls, instead of your analog phone line or cell phone. Some services only let you call others with VoIP, but some allow you to call anyone with a telephone number, whether the call is local, long distance, mobile or international. You can make calls either directly from your computer with a special VoIP phone, or you may be able to use a traditional phone with a special VoIP adapter. Most services allow you to use the internet while you talk on the phone. Some VoIP services can be used wirelessly via a public or private hot spot. Of course, you’ll want to ensure that you check the fine print of the service you are looking at to get answers to your questions. However it’s important to be aware that VoIP won’t work during power outages, and that not all services may connect to emergency numbers like 911.

Multi-Gigabit Communication Module A Mouthful, But Revolutionary

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

What if you took a bunch of pictures or video at a special event, and could send the hosts or other guests their memories over wireless right away instead of having to wait until the next day? This is exactly what a new product is able to do. The multi-gigabit communication module can transfer data at 1 gigabit per second over Bluetooth or wi-fi, making even the worst connection seem like the best internet provider.

Other tests of the module have shown that it’s faster even than a USB2 cable – six times faster, to be exact. But how is the communications module shattering all of these records? It’s all in how it processes its signals, which it does without having to convert and then re-convert data.

More Wireless Speed Could Be In Solar Cell Tweaking

Monday, October 15th, 2012

Just one small tweak in a tiny part of a solar cell is enough to make it the ultimate in efficient for wireless Internet Service Providers Milwaukee connections. In fact, once the tweak is applied, the efficiently of solar cells can be increased by almost 50%. To what do we owe this huge jump in performance? Nanomaterials-based technology. Scientists have embedded quantum dots that have been charged into solar cells, thereby improving electrical output.

Solar panels, instead of harvesting only visible light, are simply allowed to also harvest infrared light. But what does this mean for the internet user? Money saved on their internet connection. For internet providers, more energy production with a smaller solar field than ever before. Although the idea isn’t new, previous attempts at achieving these goals were not very successful.

Hard Drives For Desktop Computers

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Although we’ve all enjoyed the convenience of access with Internet Service Providers Denver on the go, there are still millions of us who own and use desktop computers. And eventually, we may all have to replace the hard drive on those computers. But for someone who isn’t technically savvy, this can be a scary experience.

There are three main types of hard drive: EIDE, SATA and SCSI. EIDE drives are some of the most affordable on the market, and probably the most common type of drive used by most desktop computer owners. These drives can be identified by their pins and ribbon cable connections. The SATA drive is much faster than an EIDE drive, and it’s also more efficient. It is costlier than an EIDE drive.

Finally, the SCSI or ‘scuzzy’ drive as it’s called is faster than its SATA counterpart, as well as more expensive. This drive can reach speeds of 15,000 RPM, which is impressive.

Web Site Hack Detection And Fixes

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Would you know if your web site became hacked? Unless you know the signs, most likely not. And that’s what makes them frightening, particularly if you are running a site that accepts credit card payments. But there are some easy ways to find out if all isn’t well. You can check your site in Google by going online with Internet Service Providers Baltimore and searching for it, and then looking for any warnings that may be posted beside your site’s name. Your own antivirus program may have even tried to warn you when you’ve attempted to load your site.

Hack Testing And Confirmation

You can visit a few online resources to check your site for malicious activity, for example, McAfee’s Site Advisor. If you’ve confirmed a hack, then it’s time to visit each page where there is visible evidence of hacking, and take and save a screen shot of each. If you’re still able to log into your control panel, changing your password should be your first step. Next, upload your web site’s copy that you backed up.

Transition To The Cloud Smoothly

Friday, May 25th, 2012

The continuing popularity of cloud computing is seeing many businesses jumping on board. And while the infrastructure has many benefits, major incidents can occur of the transition isn’t managed smoothly.

Cloud computing can mean that a company can save possible thousands of dollars per year on software licensing and renewal, hardware maintenance and specialized staff. And so effectively communicating the changes by having the right tools in place is a priority.

Get Support

Having the help of professionals can ensure that any transition to the cloud can occur without incident. That’s because the professionals know the ins and outs of all aspects of the transition process, from software to data management centers.

Get Understanding

Knowing how the cloud culture operates is the key to navigating it efficiently. In general, the cloud is very receptive to change and innovation, a concept that can be adapted by any business over time.

Educate Internally

It won’t only be those in the IT department of a business who need to know about the changes. Everyone who will be using the new cloud structure will need to know how their daily tasks will be performed there. Communication is crucial if the goal is complete understanding about the impact of cloud computing. Help can also sometimes be had by the host of the cloud service.

Google To Notify Remaining DNSChanger Victims

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Victims of DNSChanger will soon be notified of the infection in their most commonly-spoken language, thanks to an announcement by Google today. Approximately 500,000 computers are still infected by the malware which was discovered toward the end of last year and sent unsuspecting users to web sites they hadn’t intended to visit. This occurred due to the redirection of users to faulty DNS servers, which were discovered and then temporarily replaced with help from the Internet Systems Consortium. But for those remaining 500,000 machines, that court order expired on the 9th of July. And when it does, the temporary servers those machines are still accessing will be shut down, resulting in no internet access for the remaining users. Although ISPs have been attempting to alert victims, their efforts have been largely unsuccessful due to the fact that the message was communicated in English when only have of the victims speak that language.

Some Smartphones Barred From Import: U.S. Trade Panel

Monday, May 21st, 2012

An order by the U.S. International Trade Commission will see several smart phone models by Motorola Mobility not being allowed to be imported into the country. The reason for the barring is due to the fact that the phones infringe on a Microsoft patent. The dispute over patent saw a clear victor last week as some HTC smart phone models were stopped at the U.S. border, reportedly an order handed down by Microsoft. Shortly after news of the stopped shipments broke, HTC shares suffered a more than six percent drop. A total of 18 Motorola Mobility smart phone models have been identified as infringers and therefore have been stopped at the border. These models include the Droid 2, Xoom, Flipout and Spice. The controversy surrounds meeting schedule technology that Microsoft holds the patent for.

The Easy Way To Find Digital User Manuals

Friday, May 18th, 2012

No matter how carefully we store them, the manuals for the items we use every day can sometimes get lost. A move or spring cleaning is all it takes to make them disappear. Going online to find a copy of a needed manual is a great convenience, but it can often take a visit to several sites to find the one that’s right for your appliance or device.

But there are two online alternatives for finding manuals that make it much less likely that you’ll have to search the entire net. Both Retrevo and Safe Manuals are home to thousands of user manuals for virtually every product under the sun.


This site offers electronic items for sale, as well as the manuals for them. But you don’t have to shop there to get your manuals. The manuals for more than a thousand brands live here, and are available for free in PDF format. Searching for manuals can be done by brand, alphabetically or by category.

Safe Manuals

This resource doesn’t offer anything for sale. It is solely dedicated to user manuals and electronic guides. There are almost three million manuals and guides available here. The only price you might pay at this location is having to rate a product or some other action before a manual can be downloaded.

How To Much More Easily Send Docs From Mac To Kindle

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Thanks to a recent software release, those who own a Mac and would like to transfer documents to their Kindle e-reader can now do so with a lot less fuss and muss. Send to Kindle for Mac was released on April 24th, eliminating the need to email documents to yourself before they can be accessed on your Kindle. The new software introduces effortless drag and drop capability for any compatible file you want to be able to access via the Kindle. Once the process has been initiated, users have the option to choose which devices will receive the document, and also are able to choose whether they want the document to be available right away or archived. Users also have the option to send documents via Wi-Fi or Whispernet. Although the interface is fairly simple, any users having issues with the free app need only visit Amazon’s web site to get assistance.

Anonymous Makes Scary Claim In New Interview

Monday, May 14th, 2012

There hasn’t been much in the news about the hacking collective Anonymous lately, that’s no reason to think they’re not still at work to bring down web sites and expose information. A new interview with one of the collective’s remaining leaders Christopher “Commander X” Doyon reveals that the collective is actually doing more than ever before. Doyon revealed that not only does the collective have access to every classified database in the U.S. government, but that the access was given to them by those running the systems. And those who are running the systems don’t have the titles like the Secretary of Defense, according to Doyon. The ones providing access to the information are the unseen individuals who control the systems from the bowels of places like the Pentagon. And when you have access to that kind of information, it’s incredibly easy to share it. Doyon also revealed in the interview that the days when individuals would present Anonymous members with a CD or a password are no longer; that people are now coming to the collective with all of the digital ‘keys’ needed to get inside a system.

Facebook Testing New Pay Feature

Friday, May 11th, 2012

We’ve all made Facebook posts, hoping that as many of our contacts as possible will see it. But now, the social networking giant is testing a feature that may guarantee exposure of certain posts. A New Zealand user stumbled upon the feature and thought it was a scam at first. The new feature would allow users to highlight posts they wanted others to see for $2 U.S. However, it has been revealed that because this feature is only in its trial stages, that many different price points are being displayed, including a free option, to gauge the interest of users. The user in New Zealand said that he was given the option to highlight both his status updates and new photo posts. Some are saying that this latest discovery is coming along at an interesting time, considering that Facebook is getting ready to launch its IPO, which is expected to value the company at around ninety billion dollars.

How To Turn Off Unnecessary Facebook App Functions Using Chrome

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

You may have a number of apps installed on your Facebook account. From games to tools, pretty much everything offered by the social networking company can be considered an app. And you’re probably familiar with new apps asking for permission to access certain information on your Facebook account. But did you know that most apps don’t really need all that information in order to function?

While Facebook has no controls which allow users to turn off information requests, if you are running Google Chrome as your main browser, you can use a plugin for the browser to control the flow of information.


fPrivacy can be installed by visiting the Chrome Web Store, going to its page and then clicking “Add to Chrome”. Once installed, login to your Facebook account, and attempt to install an app. When the app asks you to allow it permission, you will see a blue bar with a variety of permissions. Uncheck those you don’t want to grant, and then click Update, and then Allow. You should now be able to use the app without having to deal with any of the annoying actions it may take on your behalf.

Use Free Tools To Test Your Web Pages

Friday, May 4th, 2012

These days, it’s all about speed. A fast-loading web page or blog could be rewarded with more visitors from Google. And any number of things can cause site loading to slow; do you really have the time to spend possible hours figuring out what’s bogging it down? If not, you’ll be happy to know that there are a few tools out there which will allow you to test your web site’s loading at no cost.

Pingdom Full Page Test Tool

This handy tool not only checks the load speed of your sites, but tells you how you can make them faster. Pingdom shows you how fast all of your page’s elements load, from HTML and Javascript to images. And if that wasn’t enough, Pingdom also reveals how many of the web page best practices your site currently follows.


A cache validation tool, REDbot checks the behaviour of HTTP resources, points out common issues and suggests improvements. The tool makes it easier to spot common HTML errors, such as invalid syntax, missing headers and incorrect encoding.

Page Analyzer

This tool mimics how other browsers load your page and everything it contains. After loading, the tool displays your site’s performance metrics with a waterfall diagram that includes other elements of your site such as compression ratio and HTTP status.

Facebook Public IPO Offering Announced

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Facebook’s initial public offering has been set for May 18, the company announced yesterday. Expected to be the largest IPO ever launched by an internet-based company, the offering has taken some time to be finalized, due to having to wait for SEC approval. The Wall Street Journal was the first to break the news via Twitter. Facebook will be marking its IPO launch announcement with a corporate road show that is slated to begin on May 7. The road show will include a presentation to potential investors, and will likely be held in several major cities in the United States, including New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles. Facebook recently acquired the photo-sharing site Instagram for $1 billion despite the reporting of slowing metrics, which has some analysts worried.

Mac Malware Flashback Using Twitter For Network Control

Monday, April 30th, 2012

A recent report by Dr. Web, an antivirus company, reveals that the Flashback malware responsible for a wave of infection on Mac computers uses Twitter to configure and update itself. The backdoor malware which targets Mac computers via an exploit in Java uses a list of servers for configuration. But if it doesn’t receive the desired response from the servers on the list, it will then look to Twitter to see whether any servers have been published via tweets. Publishing of available servers is tweeted using a string of text surrounded by bumpbegin and endbump tags. It’s suspected that Flashback’s spread may be due more to the habits of Mac users, many of whom have not updated their software, rather than the fact that such a large percentage of them use Mac OS X 10.6, which offers Java as pre-installed software.

How To Pack Your Computer Properly

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

When you’re moving or have to ship your computer, it’s important to ensure that it’s been packed properly to avoid damage on the way. Here are a few tips for protecting your investment the right way.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is a great invention that can protect all of your computer’s sensitive parts when they travel. Wrap your keyboard in it, and then secure with tape for a good hold. Your monitor is probably the more expensive piece of equipment used with your computer, and so wrapping in two layers of bubble wrap will ensure optimal protection.

Packing Peanuts

These little Styrofoam wonders can absorb a lot of the shock associated with travel. Using them to line the bottom of the box you’re placing your computer in, and then putting them in between your components once they’re in the box will keep everything protected. Make sure that the peanuts reach the top of the monitor for best results.

Foam Inserts

These are great for placing between any components that may come into contact during travel, such as between your computer case and monitor.

Packing Your Components

Place your monitor upright in the box, and your case on its side horizontally, and then add your keyboard and cables.

eMusic Now Available To Android Users

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

A new no-cost Android app will make the eMusic service available to users of Android 2.3.3 phones and higher in the United States. The app was created by eMusic and Hunted Media, a music discovery app company. The eMusic app promises to offer users a unique experience by combining its membership with what the company calls an advanced music player. A new feature called Mixes allows users to create a mix of songs which already exist in their music collections in new ways; by tempo, mood and tracks played. Users will receive recommendations for new music based on what they’ve listened to on their devices. Recommendations are received in three ways, including recently added and under played. In addition to the new features, members can also download music with the eMusic app, access their saved music, and view download history. The company has plans to offer the app in Canada and the EU, along with developing a version for iOS phones.

Chip Shortage Warning Hits The Web

Friday, April 20th, 2012

Meeting the demand for processors was part of the warning issued by Qualcomm yesterday. Qualcomm, the world’s leading chip maker warned the world that it will be unable to meet the demand for some of its processors until the end of this year. Shortage of the company’s Snapdragon chip may force some Android and Windows-based phone manufacturers to redesign their phones. The reason for the shortage, according to Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf, was an underestimation of the demand for its S4 Snapdragon chips, along with the company decision to put more effort into selling its other products. Experts don’t believe this lack of Snapdragon chips will have a huge impact on the availability of mobile phones, as this isn’t the first time a new semiconductor design has resulted in delays.

Cell Phones With X-Ray Vision? Well, Sort Of

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

A team of researchers from UT Dallas announced the release today of an imager chip that could allow today’s mobile phones to see through various objects, including walls and wood. The key to the development of the chip was the accessing of a previosuly unused range in the electromagnetic spectrum. The range in question is called the terahertz, which falls between microwave and infrared. After accessing the range, new microchip technology needed to be developed, as most consumer devices cannot currently access the terahertz band. The research team said that the access to the new electromagnetic range eliminates the need to use several lenses in a device to create images, which could mean smaller and lower cost devices in the future. In addition to the multitude of consumer benefits, the new chips would also greatly benefit the medical community, as it would allow for much smaller devices to be used in applications such as cancer detection and air quality testing.

How To Find Out If You’ve Been Blacklisted By Google

Monday, April 16th, 2012

If you are doing business online, then you already know how important it is to stay in touch with your customers. And you’ve done everything right, from having an opt-in form at your web site, to making sure you only send periodic updates about new offers and products.

But you should know that, even if only one person flagged you as a spammer, your site may not be getting crawled by the major search engines. And that can have a serious impact on your business. If you’ve been having trouble sending email to your clients, or the visits to your site have changed, it may be time to check and see whether you’ve been blacklisted.


BlackListAlert is a free resource that will check multiple databases to find out whether your domain has been blacklisted. A green “OK” means that you’re not on the list, while “Listed!” in red means your site has been flagged. If you find you have been flagged, you will have to visit each database service and check their policy for how to get your domain off their list.

MX Toolbox

This is another service that displays blacklisted sites. But instead of just notifying you that you’ve been blacklisted, MX Toolbox also has a “Reason” column, where you may get more clues as to why your site was flagged. It also offers monitoring so that you can know right away if someone has flagged your site.

Spring Cleaning Your Media Collection

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

You may have an impressive number of audio CDs and DVDs. But if you’re starting to feel like your media collection is taking up precious space, it may be time to do a little spring cleaning.

For those that prefer to have original CDs and DVDs as opposed to a digital copy, buying a big box to store them is often a good solution. But if you find you access most of your music and movies from your computer or other device, it’s very easy to create some space.

Ripping Music

You can eliminate the clutter caused by your music collection by ripping your CDs, cassettes or records to your computer. Depending on the number of discs you have, this could be a daunting task.

But the good thing about ripping CDs is that you don’t have to sit at your computer until it’s done; you can simply check in every 10 minutes or so when it’s time to change discs. Programs like Windows Media Player work well for doing this, as you can set a CD to start ripping automatically.

For records and cassettes, simply connect your player to your computer, and then download a free program like Audacity to get started.

Ripping Movies

While this will be more involved than ripping music, it can be well worthwhile if you have a lot of VHS tapes lying around. You can either purchase a dedicated device for converting VHS to DVD directly, or take the more involved route.

If doing the latter, you will need something that can play the tape, like a VCR or older camcorder. You will also need a DV camera with DV pass-through support. All require cables to connect them, which would have been included when the equipment was first purchased.

Pinterest Reaches New Milestone

Monday, April 9th, 2012

Virtual ‘pin board’ site Pinterest is now the third most-visited social networking site in the U.S., says Experian Marketing Service. Excluding mobile visitors, Pinterest received over one million visits from United States residents. Facebook and Twitter gained the top two spots, with 7 billion plus and 182 million visitors respectively. In addition to this latest report, Pinterest is also known to be one of the fastest-growing networks, jumping from 11.7 million users in January to 17.8 million visitors in February. 60% of the site’s users are female, and reside in the middle of the country such as Utah and Missouri. The social networking site’s co-founder Ben Silbermann points to a possible reason for Pinterest’s popularity, saying that “The site is about helping people to discover things they didn’t know they wanted — things that feel like they’ve been handpicked just for you.”

Yahoo Shakeup Will See 2,000 Employees Laid Off

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

In a move to return to its core purpose of putting users and advertisers first, Yahoo announced today that it would be laying off 2,000 employees. Although widely anticipated, the layoffs left some analysts skeptical, who said that revenue growth cannot occur solely from job cuts, and that people want to see a plan for growth. Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson said that the cuts will pave the way for a Yahoo that is better positioned to innovate at the speed of customer and industry demand. The cuts are expected to save Yahoo $375 million annually, and mark the start of determining a new direction for the internet giant, whose declining revenue can be attributed mainly to competition from Google and Facebook. More details are forthcoming with the release of the company’s first-quarter results, scheduled for release on April 17.

How To Get An Old Printer To Work With Modern Technology

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Believe it or not, printers haven’t progressed nearly as far as other technology seems to be doing. And so when you get a new computer, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy a new printer as well.

If you have an old printer hanging around that still does what you need it to do, you can get it to work with all of your new technology in just a few simple steps.

Google Cloud Print

This handy tool allows you to add any printer right to your Google account. Doing this allows you to access your printer online without having to try and find drivers or other software that will be compatible with your new computer. You can also use Cloud Print to print from other devices, such as your Android or iOS phone and send documents to your printer while you’re on the go, although this will mean leaving your computer on while you’re away.

Setting Up Google Cloud Print

All it takes to start using Google Cloud Print is to install the Google Chrome browser onto your new computer. Once that’s done, click on Settings and then Options to reach your dashboard. You can sign into the tool by selecting Sign In from the Under the Hood section. Once you do that, your printer will instantly appear.

Fixing Common Smartphone Issues

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

While there may be nothing you can do about your cell phone bill or the speed of your carrier’s connection, there are a few common problems that many deal with on a regular basis. Thankfully, there are solutions to these annoyances. Have you tried them yet?

No Power

If you hit your phone’s power button and nothing happens, think first about the last time you charged it. If it’s been awhile, try charging your phone by plugging it into a power outlet. If your phone doesn’t automatically turn back on or doesn’t respond when you hit the button after a few minutes of being plugged in, there may be other issues.

Try replacing your phone’s battery with a different one, or attempt to plug it into your computer via USB port, as this can sometimes help you avoid the processes that can cause no-power problems, such as with recently-installed custom firmware or phone unlocking.

No Network Connection

Being unable to connect to your carrier network can be a big hassle, especially if you need to use your phone right away. If you happen to be in a dead spot, there’s not much you can do except to try moving to another location and attempting to use your phone again. If you are getting voice service but no data, you can try going into Airplane Mode, and then switching back to regular mode, which will reset your data connection.


Embedded Software Solution Will Help Consumers Make Most Of Smartphones, Tablets

Monday, March 26th, 2012

Future smartphone and tablet owners will enjoy even more flexibility with the apps they use, thanks to Freespace MotionEngine, an award-winning natural motion control technology. Hillcrest Labs, the developers of this technology announced today that it is now available for those who manufacture and supply components for smartphones and tablets. The technology will put further power behind some of the more commonly-used apps on these devices, such as navigation, gaming and medical services. The technology will enable a phone’s motions to be tracked and its surroundings to be monitored. This has many applications, from car accident prevention and emergency calls upon accident detection to the monitoring of heart rate during exercise or calories consumed, all without excessive battery usage. As a result of the many benefits and incredible flexibility of the technology, it is expected to become a popular ingredient in future personal devices.