Comcast specials offer great controls, but they may not be enough

If you thought you where going to rely solely on your high speed internet service providers parental controls, you might be making a big mistake. Cable providers often have great promotions that include features like security software and even parental controls. You will want to check and see if Comcast Cable specials include these features.

The great thing about the parental controls on your pc’s operating system is that you can customize the configuration according to your personal needs – you can’t always do this with the software offered by high speed Internet providers. Set the filters and blocks to a level that is necessary for your kids. The level you set will be based on the age of your little ones. The higher the settings, the safer your kids will be. You always have the capability to go back and revert the settings as your needs change. The Internet and the nature of online threats continue to develop as time goes by. Although you may be contented with your parental control settings for now, it’s important to make changes as your needs build up over time.

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