Kim Dotcom Asking For Defense Money From Big Companies Accessed Via Internet Service Providers Houston

Just who owns two-factor authentication? According to Kim Dotcom, Kim Dotcom does. And the MegaUpload founder announced his plans to sue some of the internet’s biggest players, including Twitter and Facebook for the security measure he says he invented. This type of authentication, now used by countless web sites and internet service providers Houston, among other companies, offers a higher degree of security to users by requiring the entry of a code sent via means other than the internet.

Dotcom revealed that the reason he hasn’t sued any of the companies using the authentication yet is because it’s his belief that society benefits when ideas and knowledge are shared. However, this stance has recently changed, and has Dotcom rethinking his moves due to what he’s been through with the federal agencies in the United States, who shut down his MegaUpload site on the grounds that pirates were using it to distribute copyrighted materials illegally.


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